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tv   News 4 Today  NBC  July 31, 2011 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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to get a bill passed, senate majority leader harry reid delayed his deal on the debt ceiling plan until later today. >> i've spoken to the white house quite a few times this evening. >> it was the same plan shot down hours earlier by the house. >> the rules are nonsuspended and the bill is not passed. >> finding a bill that will pass is no easy task. >> we will not compromise on our principals. >> with tuesday's debt ceiling deadline looming and no deal on the table, republican leaders revealed they're talking again with president obama. >> the only way we will get an agreement before tuesday is to have an agreement with the president of the united states. >> the clock ticks down. and before we go any further, what will you found when you step outside this
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morning? meteorologist chuck bell is here with an answer to that. what do you say? >> just a touch of heat and humidity first thing this morning. it will be a warm day but not as hot as yesterday. a balancing act here for today. yesterday, 97 degrees. but the documents are back in the 50s. today they have climbed into the upper 60s. heat index will be out there this afternoon. 85 degrees in washington with a heat index of 88. suburbs dropped well into the 70s. upper 60s in the panhandle this morning. everybody now climbing into the upper 70s and low 80s thanks to the sun which has been up three hours. radar shows there's showers on the lower parts of the eastern shore. they're not going to be bothering us. storms way down between richmond and lynchburg.
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culpepper, fredericksburg. around washington today, high and dry. temperatures this afternoon into the 90s. good weather today and tomorrow at the beaches. most of the upcoming week looks pretty nice. if this is your week of vacation, enjoy it. >> thank you, chuck. >> all right. >> we're following breaking news out of the district. three people in the hospital, including a child after an apartment fire in southeast washington. just off south capital street. darcy spencer is live on the scene this morning. darcy, what do we know? >> flames broke out 6:45 this morning. this is the building where those flames broke out. starting in a first floor apartment. as you mentioned, three people were taken to the hospital with possible smoke inhalation. one of the residents was able to knock on doors, wake up residents and help them get out of the building. we're joined by pete from the d.c. fire and rescue department to fill in on some of the
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details. what were conditions like when firefighters got here? >> very smoky conditions when the firefighters first got here. the first engine got right to work. they threw a ladder up. very heavy conditions above where the fire had started. neighbors, as you said, knockded on doors. they had to bring folks down by ladder. firefighters got right to work when they first got here. very smoky conditions on arrival. >> three people were taken to the hospital. can you tell us how serious their injuries are. >> we evaluated many that were exposed to smoke. we transported two adults and one child. it is serious but not life threatening. possible smoke inhalation is
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their ailment. some of these residents will be displaced. >> obviously investigators are looking into the cause. they're looking at potentially an air conditioner being involved? >> one of the leading theories, they believe it to be started in or around the window air-conditioning unit on the first floor apartment somehow or other caught combustibles on fire. >> like an electrical malfunction or is this a warning to people to keep things away from the air-conditioning unit. >> you should keep combustibles away from any compressor or anything that would heat up. air conditioners are working overname here lately. i don't know exactly what the cause was in this particular case, although it appears to have originated on the first
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floor apartment and may have been a contributed factor. specifically what happened, i'm not sure. follow the manufacturers instruction. keep any woman bustables away. because they do heat up. >> thank you very much for joining us this morning. again, three people were taken to the hospital this morning. a man, woman, and child with serious injuries from smoke inhalation. reporting live from southeast, darcy spencer, news 4. aaron, back to you. >> tkarsy, thank you. >> family and friends of a missing springfield man hope you can help find him. it's been more than three weeks since anyone has seen or heard from oscar velaskco montano. he called his boss and said he was meeting with friends. that's the last anyone has heard from him. his family is praying for a safe return. >> we have hope. we pray every night. we get together to pray because that's the thing that we can do.
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>> he borrowed a family member's van to go to work. it was found pwe 450eu7d an olive garden. police searched it but didn't find any clues. in maryland crews will resume looking for a boater. someone saw a man fall over between orchard and riviera beaches. they spent hours searching land and water for that man. crews suspended the search after dark. they have not released the victim's name >> two pwoetsz collided overnight sending four men to the hospital after just bid night at the mouth of the south river. a speed boat and sale boat collided launching the men into the water. natural resources police and fire boats responded to the scene. two men were flown to a trauma center in baltimore while the other two were taken to a rundell medical center >> later today opponents of abortion will gather to protest a maryland clinic as part of a
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week long protest targeting one of the few late term abortion providers in the country. he started working at a germantown clinic last december. operation rescue and the maryland coalition for life are in charge of the protest. police expect 1,000 people today. there will be officers there to keep the peace. time right now is 9:07. an #-year-old boy pulled over behind the wheel. even more shocking, who else was in the car at that time. that story straight ahead. a plane breaks
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caribbean airlines flight survived. those hurt had only minor injuries. it left jfk friday night, stopped in trinidad and guyana. the plane slid off the wet run way and through a fence and stopped just short of a ravine. the plane's newer style helped prevent a tragedy. the seats have been increased in strength so that they will now withstand 16 times the force of gravity before they depart the floor. >> this crash is just the latest in a few serious incidents involving caribbean airlines. louisiana state police say they caught an 8-year-old driving a pickup truck. on top of that, troopers say his father was sound asleep in the passenger seat and his 4-year-old sister in the back. state police arrest thad tpaerbgs 28-year-old billy joe maddon. troopers believe he was drunk. the 8-year-old boy was driving from hattiesburg, mississippi to, dallas, texas, an eight-hour dry.
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both children are now with child protective services. we are making the slow climb. >> bright sun for now. most of us will have plenty of sunshine for anything you want to do on your sunday afternoon. it will be a little bit on the hazy side out there. you can sort of tell by our tower camera pictur
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welcome pwafpblg chuck, i'm hesitant to ask the question because i don't want to jinx it. but we're at the end of july and we haven't seen a whole lot of hurricane activity or tropical storm activity. >> it will be an above average season for a number of storms. but the peak of hurricane season is essentially september 1st. so most of the hurricanes happen in august and september. by far the most. 75 or 80% happen in august and september. so it's not completely unusual we have gone to the first of
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august. that doesn't necessarily mean that anything is going to be -- it's going to stay all that quiet. we'll cross our fingers and hope it stay on the quiet side. 1992 was a quiet season. one storm made landfall. hurricane andrew. it only takes one storm. so don't focus on how many there may be. just focus on which ones become a threat to the united states. at least it's been quiet so far. outside on a sunday morning. speaking of quiet, we've just been sitting around here in washington basking and bathing in heat and humidity for weeks on end. boy, we need a tropical system to try to break down the pattern we've been stuck in. tropical storm don late friday into early saturday and simply evaporated in all the hot air down there. for us, plenty warm still. 85 here in washington. dewpoints in the upper 60s to 70s.
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a touch more humid than yesterday for sure. so far for the summer we're comparing last summer, the hottest summer on record here in washington to this summer. we're just a little bit behind. we were 2 degrees cooler in june this year compared to last but more than a full degree warmer this july compared to last. it's all up to august. if august finishes three and a half degrees or more we go down as having the hottest summer on record two years in a row. right now, though, temperatures in a few spots in the mid to upper 70s. climbing into the low to mid 80s. temperatures will be back up into the mid-90s early this afternoon. back down into the low 90s by 6:00 p.m. this evening. not much going on on radar around us. richmond, virginia. these showers are between richmond and lynchburg at the present time. that's pretty much where they are going to be staying. no real major concerns for us. we will be watching the tropics as what has the potential to become tropical storm emily
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forming out here. we can see the swirl to the cloud formations out here. this storm is tracking north of us. these are the lesser antilles. we'll be keeping a close eye the next couple days as we continue to watch and see what happens. long-range track not going to be a threat to the east coast. but obviously we have to watch it very closely. weather boundary down to our south should focus down along the virginia/north carolina border. back to work tomorrow. a trough of low pressure working our way late tomorrow, afternoon, tomorrow evening. 8:30 tomorrow evening as it comes on through. might bring a scattered shower or two. we'll keep you posted on that as well. for today, a mix of clouds and sunshine. the further south you go the more cloud cover and sphraoeut chance of showers south of town. highs today low to mid-90s. going out on to the chesapeake bay, waves less than one feet.
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light breeze out of the northeast. temperatures in the upper 80s if you're right on the water. our extended forecast the rest of the week. unform it looks like at least five or six more 90-degree days in a row. as we head towards the end of the week and into next weekend, there's a sign of a hint of a cooling trend comes our way. if we make it to next sunday with the days all in the 90s that will make 21 days in a row next sunday if we make it all day. that will tie the second consecutive. i'm tired of the heat. >> time for a look at what you'll find in this week's kids post. here's eun yang. >> a fairy tale of the modern age and why being inspired by nature is all the rage. joining me once again is tracy grant. always nice to see. >> you great to be eun. >> first of all, a performance of a favorite children's book.
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>> this is wind in the willows. it is classic. it's brought to stage at imagination stage, through the month of august which is just wonderful. they do such fun things with the costumes. you know, mr. toad's eyes are sort of goggles that make his eyes bug out. it's a really fun production. best for 5 and up. although i would always encourage you to read the book with your kid before you take them to see it on stage. you know, imagination stage always does a great job. highly recommend it. >> next up, your weekly entry for your summer book club. >> that's right. ella enchanted, newbery honor. it's a retelling of the cinderella tale in which ella is blessed or cursed.
9:21 am
she must always do what she's told. if somebody tells her to eat, she eats and eats and eat. the curse is the retelling of this cinderella. and you can still sign up at kids this will be featured in wednesday's kids post. >> it will turn into a movie. >> all the books this year turned into movies. >> a fascinating look how nature has inspired some modern inventions. >> this is just fascinating. this is our story in today's kids post, sunday's kids post. that so much of technology actually comes from nature. for example, velcro was first invented by somebody who went for a walk and got burrs stuck on his pants. the inspiration came from nature. so we look at how gecko feet --
9:22 am
let me start with speedo. the swimsuit, the speedo swimsuit was modeled after the channels that naturally occur in a shark's skin. >> that makes sense. >> scientists have come up with a paint that repels dirt that is inspired by the lotus plant which repels water and dirt. and finally, the gecko, my favorite animal of all time, the way they can walk up walls, that's being used to create a tape that you'll love this, doesn't leave sticky residue behind. >> and we love that for any wall hangings, all your kids's pictures and artwork. >> in today's kids post we're encouraging kids to get out in nature and see the inspiration from their own insrepblgzs. >> and they will be the next generation of great inventors. for fun family activities visit
9:23 am or that is kids post on tv this week. i'm eun yang >> the nationals look to end their six-game losing streak and the redskins try to beat the heat at training camp. >> reporter: good morning, everyone. your sports minute begins with baseball. night the nationals able to end their six-game losing streak on jason werth bobble head night. pitched 5 1/3 scoreless innings. nationals beat the mets, 3-0. they made a couple roster moves trading hairston jr. to the brewers for minor league outfielder, cue mat sue. later they traded jason marquis, who was scheduled to start last night against the mets to the diamondbacks. in exchange they get the minor
9:24 am
league infielder zach walters. on to football now. redskins players today have the day off but will return to the practice field tomorrow morning. kerrigan sat out because of a bone bruise to his right leg. it's unclear on how soon kerrigan might return to practice. last night at fedex field, 82,000 people showed up to see a rematch between fc barcelona and manchester united. with the game tied at one, cleverly steals a bad pass, starts the break, passes ahead to michael owen. he stays on side and chips in the goal. manchester united beats barcelona, 2-1. that's your sports minute. have a great sunday. >> it is 9:24. right now. beware of banking. why thousands could become victims of a bank robber just by going to an atm. >> a decision just in from iran.
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welcome back to news 4 today. i'm aaron gilchrist. it's sunday, july 31st. we'll take a look at your headlines in just a second. first, though, a quick update on your forecast. chuck bell is here with details for us. >> final day of july. first two months of july are going down way warmer than average. we'll have more 90-degree days than any other month in history. it will be the hottest month in history in washington. breaking the record we set only 12 months ago. sometimes records just don't stand for as long as i wish they could. outside right now, haedz sunshine over washington. 85 degrees downtown. still holding back in the mid-70s in manassas and prince
9:29 am
william county. 87 in st. mary's city, solomon's island. 84, annapolis. 84, frederick, maryland. all those showers are way to our south. that's where most of them will stay. might get a sprinkle or two later this afternoon. but not so much around town. today's high temperatures in the low to mid-90s. when you come back for our next weather segment, we'll be joining some people on some of their training runs if you're getting ready to run the marathon, how you can have me do a training run with your training group. >> sounds like fun. >> all righty. >> thank you, chuck. >> right now there are reports that a deal is in place to raise the debt ceiling. the senate will vote 1:00 this afternoon. yesterday the house shot down a proposal by marry reed. the framework of the deal would cut close to $3 trillion the next 10 years, including a trillion dollars immediately. there are apparently no tax increases as part of this
9:30 am
agreement. >> so what happens if there isn't a deal? u.s. military members ask that question to mike mullen yesterday. he visited troops in afghanistan. soldiers overseas could see their checks stopped if no deal is reached. the possibility admiral discussed with them during that visit. >> there are plenty of you living paycheck to paycheck. so if paychecks were to stop it could have a devastating impact and devastating impact pretty quickly. he said there will be some belt tightening going on. departments of education, labor, justice, and energy would be some of the first groups to not be paid. two small planes collide in alaska filling four people. they're not sure how the planes ran into each other. but they were it happened in uncontrolled airspace. one of the planes able to land safely in anchorage.
9:31 am
authorities are studying the plane that landed safely to determine the cause of the collision. two separate lawsuits kop contradict who may have been at fault. john davis trucking company filed a lawsuit claiming amtrak and union pacific did not maintain a safe railroad crossing. amtrak has also filed a lawsuit claiming the trucking company did not properly train its driver. and just into our newsroom, iran said it will announce a verdict in the espionage trial for the two detained american hikers in the coming days. the hearing to josh fattal and shane bauer lasted nine hours. two years ago today authorities rested the pair, along with sarah shourd. they charged them with illegally crossing the board from iraq. they said they were lost as they were hiking. sarah shourd was released on
9:32 am
bail. police in cleveland, ohio are looking for the gunman featuring george clinton. a large fight started just before 10:00 at the unity in the park festival. four people were shot, including a 16-year-old who was hit in the head and a 14-year-old shot in the leg. it happened after george clinton and funkadelic left the stage and the audience was clearing the venue. police searching for a man who installed a skimmer on an atm stealing thousands from 50 customers. he installed this device at suntrust bank and it was there a day before anyone noticed it. it records the bank card numbers. 50 customers had money taken from their accounts. it's likely dozens more also had their information stolen. drivers in alexandria have one more day until traffic cameras catch red light runners
9:33 am
red-handed. they are at the intersections of south patrick street and franklin, south patrick and begin bon and duke and south walker. the cameras are on 24 hours a day. drivers caught breaking the law face a $50 fine. new york mayor michael bloomberg service at the world trade center memorial site is coming up in a month and a half. he says it will be a solemn but stately event. instead of speeches, though, each will read short poems or quotes. for the first time the names of each victim will be read aloud together. only relatives will be allowed inside on september 11th. and living 9/11 memorial in
9:34 am
somerset, pennsylvania. the national park service unveiled 40 gum trees. each represents the passengers and crew members killed on flight 93. a giant boulder represents the point of impact. it's a simple but moving tribute. >> for the first time represent in a physical way the identities and humanity, if you will of all of those who perished. >> the trees will sit outside a permanent memorial complete with a plaza and wind chimes. the first phase of that construction will be ready for dedication on september 11th of this year. it is 9:34 now on this sunday morning. still ahead this hour, it's never too late to adopt. past witness's children still looking for a permanent home.
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[ male announcer ] fiber beyond recognition. fiber one. this morning we want to remind you of a few wednesday's children you have already met still waiting for a loving home.
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barbara harrison has their stories. >> the faces of children who wait. some of them you've met before on wednesday's child. and they are still hoping for a forever home. these photos are from a book that features children available for adoption in montgomery county. >> so how many children do you currently have waiting for forever homes. >> currently we have nine children waiting for forever families. >> some we featured already. >> four of them have been featured on wednesday's child. >> tell me about that. >> we have leyo. what we are doing now is working with her current caregivers to make this a permanent home for her. >> not all children are lucky enough to be in stable situations. >> tony is 15 years old. tony has made a lot of progress in all areas. he still desires a family. >> ashley is another waiting
9:39 am
child who has been featured on news 4's wednesday's child. >> ashley is 12 years old. ashley has made wonderful, wonderful progress. ashley is stable where she is and we also are working with her family to make that placement an adoptive resource for her. >> what about jenisfer. >> she is 18 years old. she is working on acquiring independent living skills. even though she is 18 she still desires a family and wants to be adopted. >> she says these young people have challenges. and even though they're a little older now than when you first met them they still want permanent, loving families. >> every child deserves a parent. every child deserves a forever home. it doesn't matter how old we are. we still want to have to leave home and move toward independent we know we can always come back to a family that will love us,
9:40 am
that we can depend on and that can support us. >> it's what these waiting children yearn for and deserve. barbara harrison, news 4 for wednesday's child. now, if you have room in your home for any of your wednesday's children you can head to our home page at time right now is 9:40. we're looking at 83 degrees here in upper northwest washington at the friendly peacock. >> here in upper northwest. wonderful morning outside right now. a little bit of haze outside. but nothing that will bother anybody too much. guess what, everybody, it's going to be another hot day in washington. >> no! >> what? whether did this all happen? we'll talk about your seven-day forecast coming up. host: could switching to geico really save you 15% or more
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after more than 100 days of the lockout, football is officially back. the redskins opened their training camp and hundreds came
9:44 am
out to ashburn, virginia to watch. fans lined up to see all the new players wearing the burgundy and gold. this whole week open camps for fans. all the practices start at 8:30 a.m. this many canning saturday is fan appreciation day. parking and admission will be free. and the open camps end on august 15th. all right. how about this one for you? check out this panda that just couldn't take the summer heat in china. just had enough. this guy spent the day chilling out in the air-conditioning instead. workers at the zoo say pandas need to be kept cool when the temperatures climb above 78 degrees. the animal doesn't have sweat glands like people. the air-conditioning is in a special room set between 64 and 71 degrees. they get hosed off three times a day to keep their body temperatures down. give them a little fruit too. apples. >> a little snack. looks like a healthy snack. no saturated fats for the pandas. >> they have enough of that
9:45 am
already. >> not only do they not have sweat glands but they're covered in a heavy thick fur coat. that probably wouldn't help. that's what nicholas the killer attack dachshund tells me all the time. >> to you hose him down? >> he loves a good bath. cool bath water, he loves that. especially in the summertime. not so much in january. >> good advice for today. >> absolutely right. if you have a hot dog, bring them to the old slip and slide. they love to get wet. plenty of heat and humidity coming our way again on your sunday afternoon. not really much of a change from what we've been expecting for much of the last couple weeks around here. just hazy sunshine. even though our afternoon high temperature will be a tick or two lower it's going to feel every bit as hot as yesterday. outside, though, nice-looking morning out there. good morning, everybody. your sunday morning well under way right now. bacon and french toast in the
9:46 am
background. i can smell it from here. smells good, everybody. 85 degrees as you look live at the lincoln memorial. 85 down at the airport. 67 degree dewpoint. that's a little higher than yesterday. as a result it will feel a touch more humid if you're going to be outside running errands or mowing the lawn or doing anything outside today. a little bit of a cooler effect. so today's high probably more like 94 degrees. yesterday we made 97. so that is some amount of improvement. still hovering 90 degrees as late as 6:00 this evening. not much going on around our area. a weather front down to our south that will bring more rain for richmond, lynchburg, tidewater and outer banks of north carolina. if you're traveling, travels will take you south of 95 you will run into better rain chances. also, all eyes on the tropics as hurricane season gets into its busiest phase.
9:47 am
puerto rico and the lesser antilles. this will become tropical storm emily. it has to be watched very carefully. it's not heading into the gulf. those of us on the east coast will have to keep a close eye on this for now. for the next 24 to 36 hours, not much is going on. weather front to your south will keep most shower chances below interstate 64. that's where they will stay most of the day. as we get into work on monday, mostly sunny skies. a trough of low pressure coming our way late in the day. this is future cast at 9:00 tomorrow evening. maybe a few loansome scattered showers late tomorrow evening and tomorrow night and we dry back out again on tuesday. so here's your forecast then for your afternoon. partly to mostly sunny. any shower chances will be well south of town. culpepper, richmond. highs today around town. upper 80s along the bay and the high spots low to mid-90s. back to work tomorrow.
9:48 am
a few clouds later in the afternoon. a chance for showers mainly after the sun goes down. another toasty hot day tomorrow. highs near 96 degrees. here's our seven-day forecast. 94 today. 96 tomorrow. again, any shower chances on monday will be very late in the day. tuesday, hot and dry, 93. a little better chance for desperately needed rain drops on wednesday. 40% chance of rain there. a hint of a cooling trend late in the week. i'll be running the marine corps. marathon the last sunday in october. if you would like me to join you if you're raising money for charity, a group of three or more, i would be happy to do a training run for you on my days off during the week. i got an invitation today and i said i've got to go to work. send me an e-mail to chuck.bell at i'll come out and do a little training run for you, give you shout out.
9:49 am
we are following breaking news right now on the debt ceiling negotiations that are going on. nbc's chuck todd is reporting that a deal could be announced as early as lunchtime today. he tweeted that vice president joe biden has arrived at the white house and that a deal could be close. there's word that it could include significant cuts like medicare and defense spending. it will hurt both sides of the aisle and congress in terms of things they don't want to touch with budget cuts. that's what we're hearing now. we could get announcement about a debt ceiling deal being reached. word about a 1:00 p.m. vote. meet the press is on top of this as well. look for that in just a bit. and that is the latest we're getting from our sources at nbc news. time 9:49. up next, he promised a more transparent government. see why a new policy has some wonder tpg mayor vincent gray is breaking that promise. and hired help.
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#. today is the last day for borders bucks. the rewards program allowed customers to earn money based on how much they previously spent. stores that are still open will still accept gift cards after today. borders declared bankruptcy and started liquidation this month. it will close all stores by the end of september. the website is fully open for business. nearly 100 d.c. workers could face legal action if they talk public by about a review. they had to sign a nondisclosure agreement on this inquiry. consultant susan peck is leading the performance review. aides to mayor vincent gray said he probably would not have recommended the agreements if he had known before hand. the chris matthews show follows us here this morning. then meet the press. >> good morning, washington. coming up at 10:00, there's been outrage in the country this week
9:54 am
of the fighting here in d.c. even though the tea party has been the main target of the outrage, many republicans think it will help them beat barack obama next year. how will that work out for them and how do we explain the richest 2% were protected in these negotiations in how does that happen? plus, rick perry is expected to jump into the gop race for president very soon. he's already second to mitt romney in the polls. he's set to eclipse michele bachmann. join me and howard fine man, andrea mitchell, michael duffy and ma lee qaa henderson of the "washington post" for a great roundtable. now for coming up on meet the press. >> deal or default. will a deal be reached before the august 2nd deadline? new signs this morning of a potential compromise. we'll get the latest from the senior adviser david plouff. all eyes on the senate of course. how does a deal get done in the
9:55 am
end? we'll get into that. plus, what are the consequences of taking america to the brink of default? what does it say about the state of leadership here in washington? our roundtable weighs in. it's all coming up this morning on meet the press. >> all right, folks. if you're not watching your tv, come to the tv. this is best video of the day we have been able to find. there's a chimpanzee that made pretty unusual fans at the zoo. this is dodo bottle feeding tiger cubs. apparently he's been feeding them every day for the past year. his trainer said he wasn't afraid of the tigers so they said, okay, we'll put you to work, buddy. when they outgrow dodo they will have to move to a more suitable area of the zoo. he does a feeding and then do a little monkey business. >> they say when the tiger pouppoup pounces on top of you play dead.
9:56 am
>> it wasn't a monkey on your back. tiger on the monkey's back. like to mix it up a little bit. >> pandemonium over there. it's craziness. >> good video, though. >> very cute. >> three grown men in the studio and we all decided that was the cutest video of the day. >> we liked it. no chimpanzees were harmed in the feeding of a tiger. >> at some points you have to move past that. time to hand him off to someone else, someone who wants to risk live and limb to feed the tigers. it's going to be toasty warm. no surprise there, of course. today when we get over 90 degrees it will mark the 14th day in a row 90 or higher here in washington. i mentioned this before. i'll tell you again. all-time record for consecutive 90-degree days is 20 in a row. we have done it twice before, 1980 and 1988. we make it through all the next
9:57 am
week without breaking the stretch we will tie the record. heat lovers beware. a slight cooling trend by the end of next week and might be barely 90 degrees. that will feel almost chilly. >> i'm looking forward to that possibility. >> the next time i experience weather below 60 degrees i'll just freeze to death. >> thank you, chuck. that's its for us. thank you for spending time with us. wake up with our morning team at 4:30 tomorrow. until then, hope you have a great day.
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